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CREATINE MAGNA (Creatine Magna Power®) combines the powerful properties of creatine and magnesium to deliver an advanced hybrid blend. Research indicates that the magnesium component enhances the body's ability to improve both the absorption and the bioavailabilty of creatine, therefore optimising athletic performance.

Leading Manufacturing Processes

CREATINE MAGNA is produced by renowned manufacturer Albion Labs® a company who specialises in mineral amino acid nutrition.

Innovative Blend

CREATINE MAGNA utilises patented technology to unite creatine with muscle nourishing magnesium.

Highly Researched

Clinical studies show CREATINE MAGNA strongly improved available energy for anaerobic performance.

Explosive Energy

The creatine component is strongly linked to improvements in the availability of ATP which is responsible for our ability to generate explosive motions.

Excellent Water Solubility

CREATINE MAGNA mixes extremely well meaning it can be stacked easily with other supplements.

Improved Absorption

The magnesium component allows for improved absorption in to the muscles as well as increased availability of ATP.